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Nimue Night – 50ml

$109.95 $104.45

Nimue Night – 50ml

Rejuvenate and Nourish Your Skin with Nimue Night

Unlock the Secret to Radiant Skin
Experience ultimate rejuvenation. This powerful night moisturizer offers intense hydration, antioxidant protection, and visible skin transformation.

$109.95 $104.45

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Nimue Night – 50ml

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Why Choose Nimue for Your Nighttime Skincare Routine?

This moisturiser is your partner in achieving remarkable skin transformation. With its concentrated AHA formulation, this night moisturizer is specifically designed to be used at night, allowing its active ingredients to work their magic while you sleep.

By incorporating Nimue Night into your evening routine, you can enjoy the benefits of increased cell turnover, improved free radical protection, and superior moisture balance. Wake up to a complexion that looks and feels renewed, refreshed, and visibly revitalised. Buy yours today at Beauty Lies Within






Skin Issue

Mature Skin, Pre-mature Skin

Nimue Night – 50ml
Nimue Night – 50ml

Unleash the Power of Rejuvenation

Experience the ultimate rejuvenation for your skin  Specially formulated to work while you sleep, this powerful night moisturiser revitalizes your skin, leaving it looking fresh, youthful, and radiant. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a vibrant complexion!

Our night moisturiser harnesses the potency of a unique 5% Triple Amphoteric Alpha Hydroxy Acid Complex. This groundbreaking formula gently exfoliates your skin, promoting cell turnover and revealing a smoother, more refined texture. By eliminating dead skin cells and stimulating the production of new ones, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.


Product Benefits

  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Increased cell turnover
  • Improved free radical protection
  • Regulates sebaceous activity
  • Humectants improve hydration
  • Provides superior moisture balance and prevention of TEWL

How to Apply Night Moisturiser

Use PM after Nimue Cleanser and Conditioner. Massage into clean, dry skin on the face and neck.

Use Nimue SPF in the morning. Avoid sun exposure.

Night Ingredients

This product not only rejuvenates your skin but also provides intense moisturisation and antioxidant protection. Enriched with encapsulated Vitamin A, C & E Complex, Lacto Complex, LMW Hyaluronic Acid, and a Moisturizing Complex, it creates a moisture barrier that locks in hydration, giving you a plump and supple complexion.

This extraordinary night moisturizer also regulates sebaceous activity, helping to balance oil production and prevent breakouts. Its humectants ensure improved hydration, while the Lipocomplex acts as a lipid moisturiser, strengthening your skin's natural protective barrier.

Here's a list of the main ingredients and benefits:

  • 5% Triple Amphoteric Alpha Hydroxy Acid Complex (the best exfoliation and renewal for your skin)
  • Encapsulated Vitamin A, C & E
  • Complex secondary ingredients Lacto Complex LMW
  • Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Complex (moisturising)
  • Lipocomplex (lipid moisturiser).
Nimue Night – 50ml
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