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Free Shipping With Orders Above $100

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For the ultimate beauty therapy experience in Christchurch

SQT Bio Microneedling In Christchurch

Say “Goodbye” to lengthy in-salon treatments and embrace radiant skin

SQT Bio-Microneedling in Christchurch is the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment that can
help reduce congestion, soften lines, and brighten a dull appearance.

Why you ask:

  • Revolutionary treatment: A new microneedling treatment.
  • Safe and effective: Safe for all skin types.
  • Multiple benefits: Reduces congestion, softens lines

Unlock Natural Radiance With SQT Services

Start your journey to flawless skin and unlock the secrets of natural beauty with our SQT Bio Microneedling services.

Tailored Care for Your Unique Beauty.

Our team of experts will work with you to create a customised treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us:


  • Safe, natural, and effective treatments for all skin types.
  • Our treatment uses sponge spicules derived from freshwater sponges to stimulate the dermis, enhance microcirculation, and deliver active ingredients to deeper layers of the skin.
  • Treatments for pigmentation, melasma, sun damage, oily skin, large pores, redness, textural issues, acne scarring, birthmarks, whelk, blackheads, millia, aged skin, fine lines, blemishes, darkened and sensitive skin, and oil imbalances.
  • Personalised consultations and treatment plans that cater to your unique needs.
  • Affordable prices and flexible payment options.

Client Review | Testimonial

“”The staff at Beauty Lies Within truly understand skincare.
I chose the Revitalising option, and my pigmentation issues are fading away. I feel more confident than ever!””.

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Explore What SQT Bio Microneedling Can Address:

Pigmentation & Melasma:

Bid farewell to uneven skin tone and embrace a flawless complexion.

Sun Damage:

Restore your skin’s natural radiance and vitality.

Oily Skin & Large Pores:

Minimise pores and reduce excess oil for a fresh, matte look.

Skin Redness & Textural Issues:

Achieve smoother, more even skin.


Enhance the appearance of surgical and acne scars.

Active Acne & Congestion:

Achieve clear, radiant skin by targeting acne and congestion.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles:

Turn back the clock with collagen-stimulating treatments.

Uneven Skin Tone and Appearance:

Embrace a radiant, uniform complexion.

Sun / Age Spots:

Reduce the appearance of spots for a clearer complexion.

So why not?

Customised Formulations for Your Beauty Goals.

We understand that everyone’s beauty journey is unique. That’s why we offer three specialized formulations for our SQT Bio Microneedling service:

Resurfacing: Perfect for those battling acne, congestion, oily skin, scarring, and stretch marks.

Revitalising: Ideal for individuals with pigmentation, melasma, fine lines, wrinkles, and sensitive skin, including mild rosacea.

Anti-Ageing: Specifically designed for clients aged 30 and above, focusing on lifting and firming the skin, especially in the jowl area.

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