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Free Shipping With Orders Above $100

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For the ultimate beauty therapy experience in Christchurch

Best Brazilian Wax For Smooth Skin in Christchurch


We believe we offer one of the best brazilan waxing services for all women in Christchurch. Find out why below?

  • No Pain Necessary!: Our Brazilian wax produces long lasting smooth soft skin, in the gentlest way possible
  • Highly Experienced Special : Our wax-guru. Megan has years of experience helping people achieve perfectly hair-free bikini lines.
  • Fast & Efficient: Don’t waste time plucking or shaving. Our Brazilian wax will be complete before you can even say “bikini!

Experience beautifully smooth skin for less at beauty lies within!

Brazilian Wax at Beauty Lies Within Christchurch NZ

waxing vs traditional hair removal methods?


Waxing vs. Shaving

Prickly legs- we’ve all experienced it. Just after you’ve spent an extra 20 minutes shaving your bikini line in the shower, a couple of days later,

it’s prickly again. By opting for a Brazilian Wax over shaving, you can enjoy smoother and longer lasting results!


Waxing vs. Epilation

Epilation is a hair removal process that removes hair from just below the skin’s surface.

While the results are smoother than shaving, it’s a slower and much more painful process than waxing.


Waxing vs. Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams might be virtually pain free but, the results don’t last for a long time.

With waxing, you can experience longer lasting effects and our experienced beautician, Megan, will keep all pain to a minimum.

What our customers say…

These ladies are incredible! I get a quick and easy IPL hair removal treatment with Helena who really knows her stuff then over to Ashleigh for her to transform my horrible bitten nails into absolute gems! Will try to put a pic in the comments below.

Highly recommend.

Courtney Wylie

comfortable, professionalism, unbeatable results

6 Reasons why you need waxing!…

Get Finer | Softer Hair

Even after just one waxing session, you’ll find that your hair grows back softer and finer than ever before.

Smooth Silky Skin

By removing the hair from the root, your legs will be soft, silky and completely hair-free.

Cost Effective

Waxing is the most economical method of hair removal. Because your hair grows back softer and finer, you’ll be able to begin leaving more and more time between appointments.

Diminishes Hair Growth

Repeat treatments may even lead to areas or patches where hair has stopped growing.

Reduced | No Skin Damage

Unlike traditional hair removal methods, waxing doesn’t cause any unnecessary damage to your skin like cuts or pigmentation and has no nasty after smell either.

Exfoliates your skin

Waxing’s not all about hair removal! Did you know that it rejuvenates your skin and remove dead skin cells to.

Why choose to wax with us?

Customised Treatments

Our brazillian wax treatments are completely tailored to your requirements meaning you can get the desired result that meet your needs.


Don’t spend more time than you need to on tedious hair removal processes. Our gentle waxes are fast, efficient, and leave you more time to focus on yourself.

Highly Qualified

All of our staff are highly qualified and skilled with years of experience. Our primary goal is to enhance your appearance and provide excellent customer service

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