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Best mature skin products & services in Fendalton, Christchurch.

Bring Back the Youthful Glow and Get Rid of Lacklustre Skin With Our Secret Blend!

What is Mature Skin?

Let’s dive into the science behind mature skin. Our skin produces a substance called sebum, which moisturises and protects it.

The skin also produces collagen, which is responsible for forming fibroblasts upon which new cells can grow.

As we mature, sebum production and cell regeneration reduces.

This causes our skin to show dryness, wrinkles, sagging and discolouration (all our skin nightmares in one sentence, our apologies).

External factors such as solar exposure, hormonal changes and an unhealthy lifestyle can also contribute to your skin maturing faster.

So, next time, think twice before you decide to sun bathe with no sunblock, or give up on sleep to binge watch a Netflix show.

For a change, try prioritising the largest organ of your body (aka, skin) over all your unhealthy life choices. You’ll feel a great difference!

Mature Skin at Beauty Lies Within

Fun mature skin fact:

The first signs of the aging process start to appear on our skin from around the age of 25.
Actually, if you’re in your 20s and aren’t treating your skin like the beauty queen it is, that probably wasn’t very ‘fun’ for you. It’s fun for us though, since we have just the right solutions to treat mature skin.

Reclaim Your Youth With our Powerful Age-Defying Blend.

We have developed our home-care and Professional Treatment protocols to specifically target issues that come with mature skin.

Our formulations are designed with antioxidants that reduce free radicals (evil substances that damage your skin), tighten and nourish the skin.

We offer treatments with botanical ingredients that leave the skin looking supple, smooth and young.

There are two things that we can’t do anything about – reversing time, and the natural aging process.

But here at Beauty Lies Within, we can definitely make sure that we use the best natural treatments to make sure that you age like a beauty queen!

Professional mature skin treatments


SUITABLE FOR: all skin conditions

Restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier and leaves it deeply moisturized and hydrated.


SUITABLE FOR: All Skin Conditions.

This is an de-aging treatments that boosts collagen and elastin using Vitamin-C while firmly making your skin appear visibily firm, brighter and tighter


SUITABLE FOR: all skin conditions, excluding sensitive skin conditions

The treatment helps in de-aging by evening out your skin tone and smoothening the surface of your skin.

Microneedling | Skin Needling

SUITABLE FOR:  all skin conditions 

This treatment improves fine lines and wrinkles while minimizing the pores, evening out the skin tone (pigmentation) & eliminating sagging.


SUITABLE FOR: all skin conditions.

The best treatment for any sort of blemishes and acne scarring

Red light therapy


RED LIGHT: De-ageing, Fine lines and wrinkles, increases collagen production and blood flow, speeds up healing, scarring, inflammation and over all skin rejuvenation.

Mature Skin before & after treatments
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