IPL Lip 50% OFF Treatment

IPL Lip 50% OFF Treatment

Get smooth, silky skin with IPL Lip hair reduction.


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Why deal with ingrown hair, thickening of the skin, razor rash or just the hair in general?
IPL Hair removal will permanently reduce the hair regrowth. As IPL remove the hair so you are left with smoothy silky skin.

It’s advised to keep up with a maintenance treatment about once a year to keep a great result.

IPL Hair Removal can permanently prevent ingrown hairs. The IPL prevents hair growth at the follicle so you won’t need to worry about ingrown hairs again!

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Skin Issue

Dehydrated Skin, Dry Skin, Hyperpigmented Skin, Mature Skin, Pre-mature Skin, Problematic Skin, Sensitised Skin, Sensitive Skin

• New clients will need a consultation first, so please book this in to receive your treatment
• Clients are recommended to have 6-10 treatments (white/grey/red can take longer) at Six-to-Eight-week rest intervals for best results.
• Treatment is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
• Not suitable to people prone to epilepsy.
• A 6–8-week rest period may be required in between each session depending on the area being treated; please allow sufficient time to take the treatments required. Please note, clients with darker skin or on certain medications may require a test patch.
• Treatment may not be suitable for all skin types.
• Must allow 14 days after skin is sunburned or spray tanned before hair reduction treatment.
• Please avoid significant exposure to the sun & artificial tans after treatment. Individual results may vary.
• Late arrival may shorten treatment time.
• New Clients only (existing clients can use for new area only)
• Entire voucher may be used.
• No Show’s to the appointment, the treatment will be forfeited.

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