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KALAHARI Problematic Skin Kit

$199.95 $189.95

KALAHARI Problematic Skin Kit

Kalahari Problematic Skin Starter Kit has everything you need to treat acne or acne-prone skin.
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$199.95 $189.95

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KALAHARI Problematic Skin Kit

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Our aim is to restore the skin’s natural barrier & reduce inflammation by reducing or eliminating the bacteria.



Skin Issue

Problematic Skin



KALAHARI Problematic Skin Kit
KALAHARI Problematic Skin Kit

Problematic Skin Kit Benefits

Our effective products in combination with each other will dramatically reduce and eliminate problematic skin conditions.

Kalahari Problematic Skin Kit Includes

*20ml Facial Cleanser
*20ml Enzyme Facial Cleanser
*30ml Phyto-calm Facial Mist
*35ml Oily Skin Correction Gel (Full Size Product)
*20ml Hydralite Moisturiser
*20ml SPF40
*1x Eco Elastic Head Band

KALAHARI Problematic Skin Kit
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