(PEC) Phyto Enzyme Compound  Facial Treatment Christchurch

SUITABLE FOR: all skin conditions excluding sensitive skin.
BENEFITS: De-ageing, rejuvenation, deep exfoliation, de-texturisation of rough skin.

The PEC Treatment is a highly effective; deep cleanse exfoliation treatment with enzymes such as Pumpkin in combination with Glycolic acid.

$139.00 $125.10


What Is The Kalahari (PEC) Phyto Enzyme Compound Skin Treatment?

The skin will appear visibly rejuvenated, clear and brightened.

ALLOW: 45 – 60 min for this treatment.


Add On LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a light treatment that can be added to any facial treatment excluding the IPL Rejuvenation.

With this treatment (and in just one use) you will get incredible results that are sure to blow you away!

PRICE: $25.00

Add On Collagen Face Mask

Collagen masks are powerful anti-aging masks made to suit your skin requirements.

This incredible mask will be an added charm to your skin treatment, as it will be made right here in-house while you are getting your facial!

PRICE: $25.00

Aloe Vera is great for LED Light Therapy healing