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Free Shipping With Orders Above $100

Free Shipping With Orders Above $100

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Lash Tint with Booster

Lash Tint with Booster

Enhance Your Eyes, Save More in Christchurch

Unveil stunning lashes.

  • Bold Impact
  • Great Savings
  • Eye-Catching


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Lash Tint with Booster
Lash Tint with Booster

Transform Your Lashes with Our Special Lash Tint Offer

Elevate your look with our Lash Tint service.

Our expertly applied lash tint provides a natural enhancement to your lashes, giving them a fuller, darker look without the need for mascara.

This is an ideal choice for active lifestyles, special occasions, or simply to enjoy the convenience of beautiful lashes every day. Book your appointment in Christchurch and experience the difference!

Why Our Lash Tint?

Long-Lasting Color

  • Enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking lash color that enhances your eyes and lasts for weeks.
  • We use a lash booster, which hydrates and repairs your lashes.

Time and Money Saving

  • Having a lash tint can save you money by reducing the need for mascara and other eye makeup products, which can add up in cost over time. Additionally, it saves time as you won't need to apply mascara daily, streamlining your makeup routine.

Expert Application

  • Our professionals use top-quality dyes for a safe, comfortable, and effective lash tinting experience.

Lash Tint with Booster
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