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Kalahari Soft Touch Cloth

$29.95 $28.45

Kalahari Soft Touch Cloth

Grab the new Kalahari Soft Touch Cleansing Cloth for a makeup removal experience that’s as gentle as a soft breeze. Perfect for all skin types. Combine it with any of our facial cleansers for sheer luxury!

  • Ultra-soft like a gentle breeze
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Elevates your skincare routine to pure indulgence

$29.95 $28.45

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Kalahari Soft Touch Cloth

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Introducing the Kalahari Soft Touch Cleansing Cloth: Your Ultimate Makeup Remover

Discover the unparalleled gentleness of the Kalahari Soft Touch Cleansing Cloth, offering an ultra-soft, suede-like sensation during makeup removal.

Elevate your skincare routine today and experience pure luxury at beauty lies within!




Skin Issue

Dehydrated Skin, Dry Skin, Hyperpigmented Skin, Mature Skin, Pre-mature Skin, Problematic Skin, Sensitised Skin, Sensitive Skin



Kalahari Soft Touch Cloth
Kalahari Soft Touch Cloth

Benefits of Using the Soft Touch Cleansing Cloth

  1. Gentle Makeup Removal
    • Experience unbeatable gentleness when removing makeup.
    • The ultra-soft, suede-like texture ensures a gentle touch on your skin.
    • Say goodbye to rough rubbing and tugging, preserving your skin's natural beauty.
  2. Suitable for All Skin Types
    • Versatile enough to meet the needs of every skin type.
    • Whether you have sensitive, dry, oily, or combination skin, this cloth caters to all.
    • Enjoy a luxurious cleansing experience without worrying about skin sensitivity.
  3. Enhanced Skincare Routine
    • Elevate your skincare routine to a whole new level of luxury.
    • The soft touch of the cleansing cloth turns makeup removal into a relaxing ritual.
    • Treat your skin with care every time you use it, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Kalahari Soft Touch Cloth
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