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Kalahari Lipid Plus Recovery

$79.95 $75.95

Kalahari Lipid Plus Recovery

Lipid Plus Recovery | Kalahari Skincare NZ

Based on natural, botanical lipids such as Shea butter and Jojoba oil, Lipid Plus
Recovery is a deeply nourishing application that will protect the skin’s natural

$79.95 $75.95

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Kalahari Lipid Plus Recovery

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The plant-based oils will assist in prevention of inflammation and will restore natural hydration. The skin will feel smooth, supple and deeply hydrated.




Skin Issue

Sensitised Skin, Sensitive Skin



Kalahari Lipid Plus Recovery
Kalahari Lipid Plus Recovery

Lipid Plus Recovery Benefits

  • It is a nutritious cream that protects the skin's natural barrier.
  • The herbal oils help prevent inflammation and rebuild the skin's natural moisture balance.
  • The skin will feel soft and moisturized.

Kalahari Lipid Plus Recovery Ingredients

  • Grape kernel oil - Strengthens the capillary walls, Anti-aging - Prevents collagen degradation and Preserves the skin's natural moisture levels.
  • Shea butter - Vitamin A, C & E and essential fatty acids. Anti-inflammatory, nourishing and superior moisturizer. Collagen stimulating ability to repair scars and stimulates cell regeneration.
  • Jojoba oil - Protects the natural acid mantle. Enables the transport of other active ingredients.
  • Mandarin Shell Oil - Stimulates the reconstruction of new skin cells, antiseptic and antiinflammatory as well as soothing properties

Kalahari Lipid Plus Recovery
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