Bathorium Crushed Soak – Sea Kelp Serenity

Embrace the Southern French Sea with the highest concentration of french sel de mer, dead sea mud and organic sea kelp while soothing your skin.


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Embrace the natural wonder of the Southern French Sea.
This dreamy Crush has the highest concentration of french sel de mer, dead sea mud and organic sea kelp.

Leaving your skin wrapped in the silk cloak of Shea butter, naturally hydrating you from head to toe.

Hints of: Bergamot, Lavender


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120g, 600g

Skin Issue

Dehydrated Skin, Dry Skin, Hyperpigmented Skin, Mature Skin, Pre-mature Skin, Problematic Skin, Sensitised Skin, Sensitive Skin



Perfect for:

  • Sleep,
  • Hydrating,
  • Sensitive skin
  • Calms the skin from inflammation
  •  Lavender and bergamot essential oil balance and restore.

+ Kelp Powder: More than just the star of your sushi dinner, Kelp softens and hydrates your skin, and it can even help it retain moisture keeping you hydrated longer
+ Shea Butter: Did you know that shea nut trees can be found in 19 different African countries? Shea butter is extracted from these shea nuts, and is renowned for its ability to soften + moisturize your skin while reducing inflammation a
+ Dead Sea Mud: Harvested right from the dead sea, this mineral-rich mud is known for it’s detoxifying and skin-exfoliating properties

Step 1: Fill tub with warm water, optimal temperature just for you.

Step 2: Add 1/2 cup or 1 packet of CRUSH under running water.

Step 3: Get naked.

Step 4: Get in. You've deserve it.

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  • 120g
  • 600g
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